Contesting a Will

When someone dies the last thing you would want is for there to be a squabble over their estate. But with property values being high, and estate values increasing we are finding that more and more often families or other parties are claiming they are entitled to an interest. This is the case whether or not the deceased left a Will. These disputes over contesting a will can be incredibly stressful.

Whether you wish to contest a Will or find yourself on the receiving end of a claim, the whole process of disputing a will can be very time consuming and emotionally difficult.

Disputing a Will

By contesting a Will through Disputing Wills we can guide you through this complex area of law and advise you on how to contest a will. As specialist probate and litigation solicitors we have high levels of expertise in this complex area and will always endeavour to achieve the best possible result for you in the most cost effective and timely manner.


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Common grounds for problems

What are the most common grounds for disputing a will and estates? See if your problem fits within any of these categories. We find the most common grounds to dispute a will are:

  • Parties claiming that the deceased did not make adequate (or any) provision for them
  • Doubts over the validity of a Will
  • There was a problem over the mental capacity of the deceased when they made the Will
  • The deceased was tricked or coerced into making the Will
  • Allegations of fraud or forgery
  • Correct procedures as to the witnessing and signing of the Will were not followed
  • The Will has been lost
  • There is a mistake in the Will
  • There are arguments between or with the Executors

If you feel that one of these reasons apply to your case and are interested in challenging a will, then you should speak to one of our specialists without delay.

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